The LOT Insect Kit - DIY Watercolour Painting Kit (Paints & Brushes incl.)

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Ever wanted to learn how to paint with watercolours and don't know where to start? I have got you covered! These kits are so versatile, they are suited to almost ALL AGES! If you are capable of reading and following along with step-by-step instructions then you will NAIL IT with these kits. Young kids right through to the Grandma & Grandpa have had a ball with these!

Learn to paint some of my paintings through step by step instructions (with pictures!). The paintings that you produce will be A5 size (148 mm x 210 mm).

Learn to paint Beth the Blue Morpho Butterfly, Mina the Monarch Butterfly, Lola the Ladybug, and Holly the Honey Bee.

This pack includes:
The templates and instructions for each of the four designs, a set of paints (18 colours), a colour chart and a pack of 6 brushes! Perfect if you are a newbie to watercolour painting and don't have any of your own materials.


If you are buying this for Grandma or Grandpa and are worried about the text size and readability of the instructions, shoot me an email and I can organise a copy with a larger font.

*Stunning product photography by Chloe Smith Photography