Hello! Jess here,

I am a pharmaceutical chemistry graduate and full-time artist and small biz-lady! It’s an “art vs science” sort of thing but I think it keeps me balanced by allowing me to use both sides of my brain.

I never believed I had much talent with a paint brush, so I never thought to pursue anything artistic through my schooling. Especially since art in school focuses a lot on symbolism and deeper meaning. I struggled with art in school because I couldn't just paint a yellow sunflower because I wanted to paint a yellow sunflower. It had to have meaning, symbolism, colour trials, artistic references, etc. To me, the sunflower is yellow because that's the colour of sunflowers and I painted it this way because that's what sunflowers look like and that’s how I wanted to do it. Looking back, that was probably because my science brain would kick in with its logical and matter-of-fact way of thinking and seeing things.

However, outside of school, I became fascinated with the way I could manipulate watercolour paints and how painting was such a mindful and relaxing task that gave me some 'me time'. My brain doesn’t often shut up, but it does when I am painting. 

I taught myself how to paint by trying to mimic other artworks that I liked. This allowed me to really practice different techniques and better understand how I could manipulate the paint to do what I wanted it to do to achieve different effects. I practiced and practiced, and within a couple years I really began to develop my own style and technique. I have also come to love acrylic painting over the years which can be a bit of fun to mix things up a bit, but I just can't seem to hack oil paints…oh well.

My journey to owning a business has been a very interesting one. If you had of told me a few years ago that I would be running a successful art business I would have laughed at you. My paintings started off as a hobby and a personal outlet, a way of having "me time" and switching my brain off from my studies. Over time is has evolved, at times very slowly, and on occasion at a crazy and overwhelming rate. I have had to shift my mindset several times along the way from “it’s a hobby” to “it’s my side hustle” to “it’s a full-on business”, which has been totally crazy! 

I am so incredibly grateful for all the love and support that I have received along the way that has allowed me to be doing what I am doing today. For the first couple of years running this business I was also studying a pharmaceutical chemistry degree full-time which was quite a juggle. But I am super excited about what is to come now that I have graduated and have a whole lot of extra time on my hands!

So come explore!