Australiana Playing Cards

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Love to play card games? Sick of boring-old playing cards? Love native Aussie flora & fauna as much as me??? I HAVE GOT YOU COVERED!

This deck of cards features 28 of my most popular, and favourite, Aussie artworks! Each artwork has a pair: the ace of hearts matches the ace of diamonds, the jack of clubs matches the jack of spades, and so on.

I have designed this deck to be super versatile so you can play just about any game with them! Snap, go fish, old maid, memory, solitaire, black jack, rummy, cheat....the list is ENDLESS!! The perfect addition to anyone's games cupboard, holiday bag, caravan, etc.

- 91mm x 66mm
- 54 cards (standard 52 + 2 jokers)
- includes little instruction card for some game ideas.
- comes in a calico bag for convenient storage and safe-keeping.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT expose these cards to moisture.

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