JKC x KRUBI - Wilma, the Wattle

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 Jess Keeli Creative has teamed up with the wonderful Krubi Creative to create some absolutely magic. 

The wattle bush holds deep significance in Aboriginal culture. The wattle represents not only new beginnings, hope, and renewal but also connection to the land. Its vibrant yellow flowers mark the changing seasons and the importance of respecting nature's cycles.

Additionally, wattle has practical uses, such as for food, medicine, and crafting tools, demonstrating its integral role in Aboriginal daily life. This plant embodies the spiritual and practical connection between Indigenous peoples and the Australian landscape, making it a cherished and culturally rich symbol.

Artwork by: Jess Keeli & Clara Trindall

Paper Type: Satin finish photo paper

Your Choice of Size:
→ 4" x 6"
→ A4 (8.3" x 11.7")
→ A3 (11.7" x 16.5")

Do not expose to moisture as ink may run/bleed/smudge.

Please note that the size and positioning of the design on the paper may vary slightly to the images you see here, depending on the size print that you choose. There is also likely to be colour and brightness variations due to all monitors and screens having their own settings that can cause items to look different.

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