DIY Acrylic Painting Kit - Native Australian Florals

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Want to paint your own special decorative wood pieces with some Aussie native floral designs? These kits are so versatile, they are suited to almost ALL AGES! If you are capable of reading and following along with step-by-step instructions then you will NAIL IT with these kits. Young kids right through to the elderly will have a ball with these!

Learn to paint a banksia, some flowering gum, and some wattle, through step by step instructions (with pictures!). The paintings you produce are on natural wood slices that measure approximately 8-10cm in diameter and 1cm in height. Please note that sizes and shapes of the wood slices can vary slightly due to the nature of all tree branches being different. The pattern and grain within the wood slices will also vary.

These kits include:
- 3 wood slices
- 3 instruction sheets for each of the three designs (banksia, flowering gum and wattle)
- 1 template sheet that includes outlines of all 3 designs and instructions on how to transfer the outline onto the wood slices.
- 1 introductory sheet that outlines how to get started and includes some tips and tricks for along the way.
- 1 sheet of carbon paper to transfer the outline to the wood slices.
- 6 paint brushes of varying sizes.
- 5 small pots of acrylic paint. There is enough to last you the whole kit plus have some leftovers if you use efficiently.
- a toothpick for the scratching of paint, required in various steps.
- 1 small pot of varnish to coat your finished paintings to help protect them.

Please note that these are not intended to be used as coasters. They are simply just decorative pieces that you can place around the house. For example you might sit them on a side table, prop them up on a shelf or even use an appropriate adhesive to fix them up on a wall. Although I provide a varnish for you to seal your paintings with, it is by no means a fully protective coat which is why I advise against using them as coasters, placing them outside or in a humid location such as bathroom or laundry. They will not be waterproof, weatherproof or heatproof. If you would like to attempt to coat them in another medium to try achieve these outcomes that is up to you, but Jess Keeli Creative will not be responsible for any damage or issues associated.

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