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This item is a quality reprint of the actual painting which was a special request from a gorgeous customer who received the original.

Sometimes you hear the sound of hooves behind you, but sometimes they belong to a Zebra.
Elhers Danlos syndrome is a condition that is hidden so well, and although all the “zebras” have stripes, none of them are the same.
The symptoms can include overly flexible joints that can dislocate, bones that easily fracture, and skin that's translucent, elastic and bruises easily. In some cases, there may also be dilation and even rupture of major blood vessels.
Selena, one of the youngest diagnosed people with EDS, has suffered over 200 dislocations, she fatigues quickly and can’t walk for long periods of time. Her sister, Mackenzie, also has the condition. There is no cure, but there hope that one day they will find the gene responsible for this condition and help find a way for everyone suffering in their own bodies to be pain free.
But for now, they paint on their stripes.
To find out more about EDS or to donate to their cause you can visit:

If the size you are after is unavailable, the quantity is lower than what you are after, or you are interested in a completely different size, please contact me so I can try to work something out for you.

Paper Type: Satin finish photo paper

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Do not expose to moisture as ink may run/bleed/smudge.

Please allow time for order to be printed, packaged and sent out. I want to make sure i am sending out quality prints so it may take me several goes to be happy with the print. I will alert you once your order has been sent.
Please note that the colour intensity, size and positioning of the design on the paper may vary slightly to the images you see here. Each print is unique and even though I try my very best to keep them all as similar as possible, there can be some slight differences. There is also likely to be colour and brightness variations due to all monitors and screens having their own settings that can cause items to look different.

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