Paint Your Own Greeting Cards - Watercolour Paint Kit

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Add an extra special and very personal touch to your gifts by painting your own card! A hand-painted card BY YOU. That is way more special than a boring old supermarket card.

Suitable for ALL ages, this kit features six popular JKC artworks turned into "colouring-in" outlines on blank greeting cards. You, your kids, your parents, your grandparents, your friends, or your family, can enjoy some colouring in with pretty watercolour paints before writing your gift message and sending it off to a very lucky recipient.

This kit comes contained in a JKC drawstring bag for you to keep everything together. Inside the bag you will find:

  • 6x greeting cards with a JKC artwork outline to colour in on the front, a "lovingly hand-painted by _____" message on the back, and a blank inside so you can write whatever message you want.
  • 6x envelopes to pop your cards in once they are painted and ready to be given to your special someone.
  • A 16-colour set of watercolour paints in really pretty colours!
  • 1x paint brush as a part of the watercolour paint set.
  • 1x inspiration page with my 6 artworks on it. Use this to try and copy, for inspiration, or just ignore it completely and do your own thing!
  • 1x page to test all of your paint colours before you start painting.

The artworks featured on the greeting cards are:

  1. Brenna - Blue Banded Bee
  2. Ellie - Eucalypt
  3. George & Gracie - Giraffes
  4. Owen - Octopus
  5. Wendy & Walter - Superb Fairy Wrens
  6. Sarah - Sunflower


If you have already got your own paints, or would like to colour them in another way, check out my Colour Your Own Greeting Cards pack which just has the outlined cards and envelopes...BYO colours!

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