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Need a new MUG for your cuppa? A Maggie the magpie mug? It's your lucky day!

The mugs hold 325 mL (11oz) and are microwave and dishwasher safe (YAY!). They have a nice flat base that won't tip over easily and a nice big handle to hold on to. No more of those tiny-handled-curve-based-mugs that are annoying to hold and easily spilt! The rim is also a nice width, not too thick, not too thin.... it's Goldilocks-sized - just right!
I have also printed the design onto both sides of the mug so it doesn't matter which hand you hold the mug in! In the left or the right hand, both the drinker, and all around, will get to see the gorgeous painting!

Please note: It is a good idea to wash your new mug prior to use.

DISCLAIMER: These mugs are packed incredibly carefully, prior to being posted, with a mix of packing peanuts, bubble-wrap, hex-wrap, or sealed-air pockets. Buy purchasing you are aware of the risks of posting a fragile item. Once they leave JKC they are in the hands of the postal service and any damage done will be at their fault. All parcels are covered for loss and damages so if you experience an issue you will need to take it up with your mail carrier.

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