LIST IT - Positive Productivity Note Pad (50 pages)

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For the list people, the ones that just need to LIST IT to stay organised, on track and in control of their days.

I am a list person through and through, often having multiple different lists on the go before consolidating them onto yet another list!
I also like to LIST IT in different ways, depending on what I am listing: sometimes I like to "time-block" my tasks, sometimes I like check boxes, and sometimes I like to number my tasks based on priority and importance. 

I have created this JKC notepad to instill organisation and positivity into however you choose to LIST IT. Features include:

  • 50 pages for all of your lists in an A5 sized notepad (approx. 5.88" x 8.25")
  • A place to put the date and circle the day of the week
  • Positive affirmation "create your own happiness" to motivate you throughout your busy day
  • Narrow column on the left to use how you choose. Leave it blank, number your priorities, time-block your tasks, use as checkboxes to tick off your tasks, it's up to you!
  • Cute little image of some JKC birds to brighten your day: Kingston the Kookaburra, Gwen & Gus the Gang-gang cockatoos, and a small little Fairy Wren that has not been released as prints.

Each Notepad will also come with one randomly selected JKC positive affirmation print and two Staedtler HB pencils inscribed with golden positive reminders: "PRIORITISE HAPPY" & "DO IT FOR YOU".


Fairy Wren image was from a painting I created using a reference photograph taken by Graeme Wilkes.