JKC x KRUBI - Charli, the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo

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But Jess...isn't Charli a RED tailed black cockatoo???? Yes she is! But for this collaboration, it was important to Krubi that they only worked with the flora and fauna that they have on their Country. While they don't have any red-tails, they do have plenty of yellow-tails so we gave Charli a little makeover.

 Jess Keeli Creative has teamed up with the wonderful Krubi Creative to create some absolutely magic. 

The Yellow-tailed black cockatoo is a truly remarkable and captivating creature. With its elegant and graceful appearance, it stands as a symbol of beauty and wonder.

Native to the Gundungurra Nation, this majestic bird holds great significance in the cultural beliefs of the region. Not only is the Yellow-tailed black cockatoo known for its striking physical features, but it also possesses a distinct and unforgettable call. It serves as a melodious reminder of the power of nature and the impending arrival of rainfall.

Gundungurra people also saw these birds as guides and protectors. Their presence brings comfort and strength to those who hold them dear. Let us take a moment to appreciate the splendour of the Yellow-tailed black cockatoo and the profound symbolism it carries.

Artwork by: Jess Keeli & Clara Trindall

Paper Type: Satin finish photo paper

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Do not expose to moisture as ink may run/bleed/smudge.

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